The Flying Jalapeño Lives No More

For the few that still happen by unmaintained blog, it will come as no surprise when I say that I have let this blog languish for too long. It’s been a little bit of me being busy, and a lot of me not making it a priority. I am getting an itch to begin writing [...]

What’s Open?

Since I have all but forsaken my blog, perhaps I can get a quick win. I constantly find myself unable to close browser tabs, even with instapaper/pinboard So here is a list of the things I can’t seem to close (courtesy of the tablinks safari extension): [0-0]: “An NSNotification + Blocks Gotcha” [0-1]: [...]

Open Source iPhone: Beta Builder

This a sweet tool to impress your clients, and make your ad hoc distributions that much easier! Edit: Also on Github!

iPhone Developers Conference

Just want to pass along news about an awesome iPhone conference in Philly. Coming to you direct from Addison-Wesley Professional, which has published some of the leading books in the field, the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference is taking place October 16-17 in Philadelphia! Take a look around at all the tech books you [...]

Philly Beer Week iPhone App

I’m a little late in mentioning this, but I had the pleasure of creating an awesome iPhone app with an even more awesome group of peeps. Last week we pushed out the Philly Beer Week 2010 iPhone app. We have had an awesome response and, more importantly, it was fun working with the crew we [...]

FTUtils Fork

I recently forked FTUtils to provide some functionality I needed for FJSTransitionController. These changes may be of use to others as well. 1. Diagonal direction control. For when you want to slide a view in from the corner of the screen. 2. Enclosing View support. This is a bit convoluted, but: All animations in FTUtils [...]

I have been absent, but I come bearing gifts…

I haven’t been a very good steward as of late (I have excuses I swear!) On a good note, I have finally uploaded a few snippets for the world to use. First up is: iPhone Context Views (Codaset) (Github) This is a very simple view class that will pop up context views/menus for users to [...]

iPhone OS 4 and Backgound Tasks or “Why We Don’t Have a Calendar API”

This has been on the burner for a while. With all of the iPhone OS 4 / iPad / iSlate hoopla, I figured I better get it out the door before it all becomes a moot point. One of the most perplexing omissions in the current SDK has been the CalendarStore API. It seemingly goes [...]

Development Links: Redux

This is an update to my previous post Below is a list of my subscribed developer feeds along with a link to each home page. At the end of the post you will also find an OPML file if you are so inclined Enjoy! First are the Aggregators: [RSS] iPhoneFlow [RSS] Planet Cocoa [RSS] The [...]

Open Source iPhone: FTUtils or “Super Awesome Canned Animations for the iPhone”

Are you using this? You should be. FTUtils contains several classes that allow you to easily add semi-complex animations to your app, for “free”. It’s a nice abstraction of Core Animation (which is a great abstraction of OpenGL + Quartz in it’s own right) Check out the demo app to see what you can do.